نبذة عني في مجلة ليدي بيرد About me in Ladybird magazine

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My background: With the age of 15 I was very unhappy with my weight. I decided to try many diets to reach my ideal weight. I started reading to understand how our body reacts to food kinds and what we should eat or avoid. Overall my knowledge is based on almost 12 years since that and I reached my goal and maintaining it since 5 years. My wish is to help people with my know-how to live a healthier life style while eating all meals they like by knowing the right tips.

I studied nutrition in Germany in the year 2010. Now being certified as Nutritionist made me more confident to to fulfill my role.

My thoughts about sweets:

Sweets are a big issue that we can not avoid. Without sweets we feel unhappy and missing something.. but why do we have to avoid sweets while we can prepare it in a healthy way that would not damage our weight with one piece? Before I start to introduce my first sweet recipe I have to explain the difference between ‘light’ and ‘diet’. ‘Light’ is used for food that is less calories then usual and is good for people who wants to maintain their weight, while ‘diet’ is used for food that is very low in calories and suitable with a diet plan to loose weight.